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Date:2008-04-19 02:05
Subject:According to Microsoft OneNote, my molecular gas dynamics course is full of...

hooray for the power of OneNote's handwriting recognition and the stuff I learn in grad school...

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Date:2006-12-24 18:13
Subject:Hugh Laurie is my french-speaking hero

I never saw this until today, but it's freaking brillant!

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Date:2006-06-25 19:31
Subject:Because I'm a huuuuggggeeee dork

my new favorite scene from Stargate:

TEAL'C: You have been impregnated without copulation?
VALA: Yes. And I'm absolutely terrified. Have any of you ever heard of anything like it?
Mitchell raises his eyebrows and looks to Carter, who shrugs slightly.
MITCHELL: Well, there's one...
TEAL'C: Darth Vader [Darth Vader's mama never did it either.]
Vala's eyes widen.
VALA: Really?
Teal'c nods gravely.
VALA: How did that turn out?

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Date:2006-06-21 23:40
Subject:my quarterly lj update

so here's the lab i'm working in this summer. the thing with the octagonal panels is one of the satellite simulators i've been playing with (shaped like a TIE fighter). i'm also programming stuff with a program called STK. at the moment, my orbits don't work yet =:^(

however, there is a huge flat screen monitor in the lab and here's what we recently set up in the lab

okay really, we just have movies going on as some background noise. that TIE fighter can't figure out what direction it's pointed right now, and the devices onboard just aren't behaving. blarg. i miss mooshy.

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Date:2006-04-28 15:31
Subject:some trivia about the Japanese guy in Fearless (Jet Li's last action movie)
Mood: amused

"Shido Nakamura does not speak Mandarin, but he needed to in the film, so he found a tutor, even though the director told him to just memorize and recite the sounds. He also tried watching TV channels in Shanghai, but it wasn't a week later until one of the film crew noticed that he was watching a Cantonese channel, which of course, speaks Cantonese, not Mandarin." - IMDB

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Date:2006-04-08 16:38
Subject:Relay for Life

Hey everybody!

I'm on a Relay for Life team this year, and I'm trying to raise some money for the American Cancer Society.
If any of you guys would like to help out and donate money, you can do it through the webpage. The minimum donation on the website is $10, but if you want to give me like $1 even, you can mail it to me or drop by my room if you live at Tech. Any help at all would be awesome! We can all help fight cancer, and even if you don't donate money, I'd be happy if you decided to contribute in other ways (like joining a Relay for Life team or being a crazy bio major and eventually doing cancer research or something lol). Thanks guys!

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Date:2006-02-25 13:39
Subject:my crazy hair
Mood: crazy

so this is kinda getting out of hand. I ran into Nicole M. and Julia T. the other day during dinner, and Nicole was like "whoa I didn't recognize you." Current length of the asian fro: 2 inches up top.

I have an interview next week....I should probably get a hair cut. Not to mention I'm gonna see Monica and this is probably longer than she likes lol. It's not very fuzzable at this length.

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Date:2006-01-15 21:50
Mood: cold

This one looks fun.

5 Guilty Pleasures.
The first player of this game starts with the topic of "5 Guilty Pleasures" and people who get tagged need to write an LJ entry about 5 Guilty Pleasures as well as state this rule clearly. In the end you need to choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names.

1. Being in a mall. I can't really explain that one.

2. Speeding and I can't get enough. Rocket booster!

3. When someone is tailgating me, I kinda enjoy think of ways to make their life miserable. Here's one example: a robotic velociraptor-type dinosaur jumps out of my trunk and lands on the hood of the car tailgating me. It extends claws in its feet into the hood for some stability and begins clawing at the windshield with its hands. By clawing, I mean big swings with its arms as the red LED eyes start flashing. After breaking through, it takes a fake bite at the driver's head and then jumps off the car (preferably back into my trunk).

4. I sometimes enjoy spazzing out when people ::coughmonicacough:: tickle me cuz it's my only real excuse to spaz that much.

5. Daydreaming. A lot. Yay saving the world 40x a day.

I'm tagging no one cuz I'm tired. Blah. I miss Mooshy.

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Date:2006-01-12 00:50
Mood: sleepy

darn you switzerland and your neutral, sweet, and chocolatey study abroad programs! and by that i mean, have a great time mooshy! i'll miss you.

in other news, i'm calling it. it's done. the rush on this one was insane, cuz once again, rocket parts take way too long to get here. this baby right here is going up saturday (unless it rains, sleets, and snows like it's suppose to, then it'll fly sunday). this one doesn't do crazy stuff like the others. a coke can will come out of it during flight, and it'll come down on its own parachute. when i get that coke can back, i'm going to drink it. yummm.

i was offered 75 cents to commit grand theft gondola. if that's even the official name of the crime, it'd be like my crime of choice. imagine having that on your record. getting away is the complicated part. sure, i could build rocket boosters and sneak it onboard inside a backpack, but the popo's will probably be on jet skis. probably won't do it, but it'd be so funny.

off to new york until friday. take care all.

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Date:2006-01-03 14:07
Mood: melancholy

man have i neglected this thing for a good eternity. fall semester was insane. i'm glad it's over, but i kinda wish it wasn't. my fall semesters are always better than my springs, and undoubtedly, this spring will suck as well. mooshy's leaving for switzerland in 9 days. =:^(
i got to be a mentor to three freshman guys in my honors dorm during the fall. it turned out a lot better than i thought, and we'd always meet for the Daily Show (cuz jon stewart is sooo much more inspirational than me) and the occasional Red vs Blue. what an awesome group of guys. i'm such a slacker though. i also had Littles!! yay chris and maggie. i was somewhat of a negligent Big though, but i had two awesome Co's. oy....20 credits + 5 people "under my influence"....what a busy fall. i didn't train as much as i wanted in kung fu, but i probably will a lot when i go back. i can't believe she won't be there. it's tooo weird. it'll be like the summer, except there will be other people too.

so that was my fall in a big, ranting nutshell. GO HOKIES!! that was an awesome awesome game yesterday.

so i'm building a rocket to test a satellite we're building for a competition (by we, i mean the CanSat team at Tech). all the parts of the satellite have to fit inside a soda can, and then we're going to just find some field in blacksburg to launch it up for testing. my parts better come in soon. i'm going insane waiting for everything. if they come in all squished again, i'm gonna flip out. given that i actually finish it on time, i'll probably test it on the 14th. mmmm rocket launch - haven't done that in a while. well actually, let me say that again. mmmmmm stable rocket launch - haven't done that in a while. (for those of you who remember - i had a "fantastic catastrophe" posted for the 4th of August)

new years was awesome at catie's. i'm glad i got to see so many people. i might take a ton of road trips just so i can sane, so i might be seeing some of you again. or i'll do a ton of snowboarding. probably both. mmmmm snowboarding. speaking of snowboarding and sanity, my dad did the awesomest thing ever! he gave me some of his hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer miles (yes he has that much) to go visit mooshy in the spring. if those freaking hotels ever get back to me, we'll be able to go snowboarding/skiing for mooshy in the dolomites! wooohoo!! ::droolll:: can't wait. i'll probably be dying to see mooshy by then. after that, it'll be off to venice, where i can commit grand theft gondola.

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Date:2005-12-13 18:22
Subject:wow that vibes final ranks up there....
Mood: drained

You know you're in engineering when.....
"Most of you all have done pretty well in the exam. The average was about 67.3."

more to come later

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Date:2005-09-05 00:41
Mood: grateful

Thank you all who wished me a happy birthday!
It was very touching, especially for my allergy-ridden day.

Mooshy gave me a very awesome evening. She took me out to dinner and then gave me an awesome gift (KUNG FU HUSTLE!!!!!! and THE TERMINAL!!!!!) I love my Mooshy.

plus, Tech beat NC State! the drillfield erupted after the game. twas insane.

they talked about sending a team to the Gulf region whenever they're ready for teams to go down there. i'm really thinking about going, although it's hard to tell when it will be. i'm so tired of doing next to nothing besides donate money, raise money, and whatnot. it kills me to know that i'm learning to be an engineer. i can at least calculate stresses on simple structures, and i can at least hook a giant bag of sand onto a chopper or carry a stretcher.

goodbye teenage years. may i begin to remember all the good times we had as much as i remember the bad.

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Date:2005-09-04 00:46
Mood: tired

Three years couldn't have gone by already. It feels like much less and sometimes, it feels like much more. I miss you, Jake.

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Date:2005-08-25 15:39
Subject:the craziness of engineering
Mood: weird

this is my semester so far....well kinda
okay fine, here's some random stuff that's happened.

aerodynamics prof: "The department is now requiring a C- or better on all prerequisite courses. Does that mean we're trying to weed some of you out? Absolutely."
thin-walled structures prof: "We're not trying to flunk you out or anything."
vibrations and control prof: "This book is really descriptive sometimes, like 'Batman riding on his cruiser.' So have a laugh when you're doing the problems and Batman dies because he decelerated too quickly."

that wasn't there before! or at least, i never noticed it before. nnnooooooo not yet not yet!

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Date:2005-08-06 20:24
Subject:aahhh crazy things
Mood: blah

well why not...

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. And then tag three other friends to do it!

1) I kinda want eyes that glow blue. I'm not talking about naturally blue eyes. I mean deep deep blue and glowing like they're crystal or like somebody infused with mako (if you played Final Fantasy VII, you know what I'm talking about).

2) One day when I was four years old, my mom was working in the basement, and I thought it'd be nice to make her some food. I don't remember how, but I think, by that point, I had watched my parents turn on the stove enough times to know for myself. I pushed a chair up to the stove, put a frying pan on a burner, gave the knob a turn, set the fire really low, broke open some eggs, and fried them with a lot of patience. Afterwards, I took them downstairs to my mom, who freaked out and then told me that I forgot to put oil on the pan which is why the eggs were burnt. For some reason, she didn't follow me back upstairs, so I did it again with the oil and took "better looking" eggs back down to the basement. And that is why my kids won't be allowed in the kitchen and the stove will need fingerprint identification to be activated.

3) Every now and then, I wake up and go, "man I wish my hair wasn't all fuzzy so I could actually do something with it besides gel or wax up the front."

I tag (hopefully you guys haven't been tagged already and don't mind that I'm doing it):

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Date:2005-08-04 13:30
Subject:oh man
Mood: exhausted

more rocketry stuff, cut b/c this is a rather large picture [edit in response to Catie: if you want to see a rocket veer off in a bad direction and the guy holding the trigger start to run away from it, click here]Collapse )

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Date:2005-07-27 19:39
Mood: disappointed

so they've grounded all flights til they can "fix" this
the crew's safe, which is most important. part of me can't believe they're still having this problem, but the other part thinks it's pretty freakin hard to keep any foam from coming off.

for further information but not to fill up your friends pages with picturesCollapse )

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Date:2005-07-26 00:38
Subject:the future needs some breaks
Mood: nervous

so one of my bigs got into Columbia premed/prehealth, which is freakin awesome. it kinda got me thinking about grad school though. yes i know. "Ray, slow down. you're freaking everyone else out. you're only a soph....junior." earlier today, i picked up this radio shack bag that had been sitting on my floor for a few days. i thought it was empty, but i reached in and found a barnes and noble bag and the GRE review book i bought on thursday. Mooshy was over and asked me why I had to start studying so soon. i mentioned something about probably taking the test in the spring because come next fall i'd probably start applying to grad schools. that last part hit me rather unexpectedly. next freakin fall. didn't i just get into college? i get creeped out enough when i look at my student info and it says i'm a senior. ::shudder:: man...i want that time machine.

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Date:2005-07-03 15:46
Mood: relaxed

so my single summer session is finally over. no more undergrad math for me! or at least i hope so. i might have to figure out what the heck "finite element method" is.
the crazy simulation code finally worked, and unfortunately, i had to stay an extra day to get everything done. just for the record, i did not write that code and i sure didn't write it in fortran.
got up uber early and left Blacksburg as soon as i could. the kitty was following me up and down the stairs while i was moving stuff to my car. i think it caught on, cuz eventually, the cat just started waiting outside my car. before i left, i gave it a big petting. one of the other neighbors started leaving out food.

got back in time to pick up Mooshy from work and go the Catie's bday zoo excursion. it was good to see everybody, although it kinda felt like i never really left. i feel bad cuz i was the one who got ahead of the group going into D.C. and i took the wrong exit first (although i don't know if the others noticed), which led to the little fenderbender between the two other cars. blah...i should've known better. re-navigating D.C. was kinda fun for the people in my car, as we found where tons of embassies were, and then we retraced our steps. off virginia ave, i was making my way towards 66 when i noticed two lanes off cars from both side converging onto my lane, which prompted me to make some crazy noises followed by "what the devil!?" Tim and K-Po found that really amusing, and apparently Ali heard that when Mooshy was talking to her on the phone. after almost stopping at Rosslyn and taking the metro, we turned around and did the trip correctly. craziness. after the zoo, we went back to Catie's house, where she opened presents after much eating. i'm glad she liked the combined present from me and Mooshy, although, i must confess, Mooshy did everything. i was stuck in the CapLab (Computational Advanced Propulsion). my girlfriend's awesome! =:^)

i think it was in the middle of Pete & Pete that my lack of sleep the past week started really getting to me. the headache i got definately made me feel like my head was about to split open. coupled with the fact that my parents still hadn't seen me that day, i decided i should get home. i ended up sleeping for 15 hours, which i feel really bad about considering i missed church =:^(

kinda feeling like i'm lacking some purpose or something right now. i've got no job, and research is on hold until the fall. not entirely sure what i should do with my time. i think i want to continue the physical training i started in Blacksburg, (gym 3x a week, kung fu 2x a week, recover the rest of the time). really could use a job though, cuz i'm running entirely on reserves at the moment. i guess we'll see where that goes.

yay Angie's in town!

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Date:2005-06-24 20:24
Subject:crazy tech

that should be a nice surprise in the fall. for those who care, there's some more info.

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