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so my single summer session is finally over. no more undergrad math for me! or at least i hope so. i might have to figure out what the heck "finite element method" is.
the crazy simulation code finally worked, and unfortunately, i had to stay an extra day to get everything done. just for the record, i did not write that code and i sure didn't write it in fortran.
got up uber early and left Blacksburg as soon as i could. the kitty was following me up and down the stairs while i was moving stuff to my car. i think it caught on, cuz eventually, the cat just started waiting outside my car. before i left, i gave it a big petting. one of the other neighbors started leaving out food.

got back in time to pick up Mooshy from work and go the Catie's bday zoo excursion. it was good to see everybody, although it kinda felt like i never really left. i feel bad cuz i was the one who got ahead of the group going into D.C. and i took the wrong exit first (although i don't know if the others noticed), which led to the little fenderbender between the two other cars. blah...i should've known better. re-navigating D.C. was kinda fun for the people in my car, as we found where tons of embassies were, and then we retraced our steps. off virginia ave, i was making my way towards 66 when i noticed two lanes off cars from both side converging onto my lane, which prompted me to make some crazy noises followed by "what the devil!?" Tim and K-Po found that really amusing, and apparently Ali heard that when Mooshy was talking to her on the phone. after almost stopping at Rosslyn and taking the metro, we turned around and did the trip correctly. craziness. after the zoo, we went back to Catie's house, where she opened presents after much eating. i'm glad she liked the combined present from me and Mooshy, although, i must confess, Mooshy did everything. i was stuck in the CapLab (Computational Advanced Propulsion). my girlfriend's awesome! =:^)

i think it was in the middle of Pete & Pete that my lack of sleep the past week started really getting to me. the headache i got definately made me feel like my head was about to split open. coupled with the fact that my parents still hadn't seen me that day, i decided i should get home. i ended up sleeping for 15 hours, which i feel really bad about considering i missed church =:^(

kinda feeling like i'm lacking some purpose or something right now. i've got no job, and research is on hold until the fall. not entirely sure what i should do with my time. i think i want to continue the physical training i started in Blacksburg, (gym 3x a week, kung fu 2x a week, recover the rest of the time). really could use a job though, cuz i'm running entirely on reserves at the moment. i guess we'll see where that goes.

yay Angie's in town!
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