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the future needs some breaks

so one of my bigs got into Columbia premed/prehealth, which is freakin awesome. it kinda got me thinking about grad school though. yes i know. "Ray, slow down. you're freaking everyone else out. you're only a soph....junior." earlier today, i picked up this radio shack bag that had been sitting on my floor for a few days. i thought it was empty, but i reached in and found a barnes and noble bag and the GRE review book i bought on thursday. Mooshy was over and asked me why I had to start studying so soon. i mentioned something about probably taking the test in the spring because come next fall i'd probably start applying to grad schools. that last part hit me rather unexpectedly. next freakin fall. didn't i just get into college? i get creeped out enough when i look at my student info and it says i'm a senior. ::shudder:: man...i want that time machine.
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