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Thank you all who wished me a happy birthday!
It was very touching, especially for my allergy-ridden day.

Mooshy gave me a very awesome evening. She took me out to dinner and then gave me an awesome gift (KUNG FU HUSTLE!!!!!! and THE TERMINAL!!!!!) I love my Mooshy.

plus, Tech beat NC State! the drillfield erupted after the game. twas insane.

they talked about sending a team to the Gulf region whenever they're ready for teams to go down there. i'm really thinking about going, although it's hard to tell when it will be. i'm so tired of doing next to nothing besides donate money, raise money, and whatnot. it kills me to know that i'm learning to be an engineer. i can at least calculate stresses on simple structures, and i can at least hook a giant bag of sand onto a chopper or carry a stretcher.

goodbye teenage years. may i begin to remember all the good times we had as much as i remember the bad.
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