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darn you switzerland and your neutral, sweet, and chocolatey study abroad programs! and by that i mean, have a great time mooshy! i'll miss you.

in other news, i'm calling it. it's done. the rush on this one was insane, cuz once again, rocket parts take way too long to get here. this baby right here is going up saturday (unless it rains, sleets, and snows like it's suppose to, then it'll fly sunday). this one doesn't do crazy stuff like the others. a coke can will come out of it during flight, and it'll come down on its own parachute. when i get that coke can back, i'm going to drink it. yummm.

i was offered 75 cents to commit grand theft gondola. if that's even the official name of the crime, it'd be like my crime of choice. imagine having that on your record. getting away is the complicated part. sure, i could build rocket boosters and sneak it onboard inside a backpack, but the popo's will probably be on jet skis. probably won't do it, but it'd be so funny.

off to new york until friday. take care all.
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